Sophisticated Lead Management for SFDC

By LeanData, Inc.

LeanData helps Sales & Marketing teams overcome SFDC limitations by matching leads to accounts, and routing them to the right sales rep, every time.


LeanData helps companies accelerate revenue growth by solving a costly problem facing every business: connecting the most relevant people in an organization to potential buyers. LeanData’s sophisticated workflow connects previously disconnected silos of information such as leads, contacts, and campaigns to opportunities across all the sales and marketing touchpoints while helping companies to strengthen sales and marketing alignment, improve the buyer experience and expedite time to revenue.


LeanData is Salesforce-native, so your data never gets exported. Instead, you can match leads to accounts right in Salesforce, and sync to Marketo to create sophisticated nurture campaigns. Base campaigns on customers, partners or prospect accounts, targeting industries, verticals or levels. Setup takes minutes, so you can nurture with speed and confidence.

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We’ve had a phenomenal experience with LeanData. When we look at our budget, LeanData is in that golden category of the best money we’ve ever spent. It’s A-plus software in my mind.
Sam Shin, Sr. Sales Operations Analyst at ON24