Sophisticated Lead Management for Salesforce

By LeanData, Inc.

LeanData facilitates meaningful connections between data and people inside your CRM in order to connect business to revenue faster.


Sales and Marketing Ops at 350+ of the fastest growing companies rely on LeanData to accelerate time to revenue by connecting leads, accounts, opportunities and contacts to the most relevant sales and marketing owners. By aligning marketing and sales with accurate matching, routing, and trustworthy attribution, sales reps only get the leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities they need to work on, so they can close more deals and drive more revenue, faster. 

LeanData helps companies:

  • Optimize the flow of leads and other objects through the sales funnel 
  • Accelerate their sales cycle
  • Provide customers with a seamless B2B buying experience


Fuzzy matching algorithm

Lead-to-Account Matching gives your sales and marketing teams a holistic account view and arms them with the context needed to maximize ABM efforts.

Enhance leads with account data

Augment leads with matched account information such as industry or revenue. Leverage account fields to segment and personalize marketing campaigns.

Visual interface to design routing

Leverage the drag-and-drop interface to build complex routing flows for leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities.

Routing to meet your business needs

LeanData adjusts to your go-to-market strategy, not vice versa. From round robin to territory-based distribution, Routing has you covered.

Continuously optimize flows

Real-time flow metrics, click-through reports, and audit logs help you understand how records are assigned and ensure no leads get stuck.

Multi-touch attribution

Understand how marketing and sales touches help move deals through different opportunity stages.

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LeanData is Salesforce-native, so your data never gets exported. Instead, you can match leads to accounts right in Salesforce, and sync to Marketo to create sophisticated nurture campaigns. Base campaigns on customers, partners or prospect accounts, targeting industries, verticals or levels. Setup takes minutes, so you can nurture with speed and confidence.

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We’ve had a phenomenal experience with LeanData. When we look at our budget, LeanData is in that golden category of the best money we’ve ever spent. It’s A-plus software in my mind.
Sam Shin, Sr. Sales Operations Analyst at ON24