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Data to Deals

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LeanData is passionate about helping companies reduce costs, scale demand and close revenue fast with Account-Based marketing and sales solutions.
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Main Features
  • Lead2Account match fixes data
  • Routing and auto-conversion
  • Account-based nurturing
  • Report on quantity and quality

Data to Deals

LeanData is the foundation for Account-Based marketing and sales efforts by giving you the most complete, accurate picture of the modern B2B buyer’s journey. LeanData Clarity is a revolutionary ABM platform that not only coordinates your team’s efforts and provides visibility into your most coveted accounts, but for the first time also allows you to take action directly from your marketing reports.

Efficiency with Context

Accelerate your pipeline to close deals faster. Coordinate your team to create a seamless sales process. As an account’s lifecycle matures, LeanData provides solutions for each phase of the buyer’s journey. This ensures that each activated account gets the fastest possible follow-up and qualification to accelerate pipeline.

LeanData Sales Accelerator is built upon our world-class, proven Lead2Account matching algorithm. Our killer customer success team will share the knowledge gained from more than three years of implementations to help you determine just the right customization for your business. Not only is LeanData’s business process mapping configurable to match your current needs, our solution is flexible enough to change with your strategic pivots.

LeanData Sales Accelerator includes Router, Converter, View and Alignment.

Quantify to Justify

LeanData is not just another dashboard. This is the first, true Account-Based Marketing intelligence platform. Better reporting comes from filling in the gaps of your historical data. By identifying the touches that matter the most, marketers can directly launch campaigns based on the insights they gain from LeanData’s best-in-class reporting. Launch account-based campaigns with the confidence that all of the relevant members of an account are included

LeanData Demand Management offers a first-of-its-kind Account-Based Marketing platform. Marketers can now make data-driven decisions using data that they actually trust. Once a LeanData Clarity analysis has shown which campaigns have the biggest impact, it allows marketers to launch targeted account-based campaigns directly from their report. Marketing teams will have complete visibility into their influence for the first time. Those insights give our customers an unprecedented opportunity to create the most effective ABM campaigns possible.  

LeanData Demand Management includes Account-Based Nurturing, Tagging, Campaign Influence, and LeanData Clarity.

Marketo Integration

Don’t want to sync all of your leads to Salesforce? No problem. Keep back some of your leads in Marketo without giving up the important account data you need to run sophisticated campaigns.

LeanData’s Marketo Webhook allows you to call out to Salesforce to determine which Account a lead matches. Then, LeanData will return to Marketo the appropriate account-level information. This allows you to do sophisticated nurturing in Marketo with confidence. Create smart campaigns based on whether individuals are customers, partners or prospect accounts. Target certain industries, verticals or levels with the knowledge that you’re using the most accurate data directly from the account. 

LeanData’s Marketo Webhook is easy-to-setup and can be up and running within minutes.