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Leadspace CDP enables B2B marketing and sales teams to effectively identify and engage customers by creating a single source of truth.


Leadspace provides Marketing and Sales teams with a truly data agnostic, AI-based B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) that helps you unlock your business’s full potential by driving more intelligent engagement that results in better targeting, larger deal size and higher conversion rates that maximize ROI. 

Chosen and relied upon by 8 of the top 10 enterprise technology companies including Marketo/Adobe, Leadspace optimizes the data cleanse and enrichment process on both accounts and people while connecting leading 3rd party data sets around Tech Install and Intent to provide unique insights on who your prospective customers are, when they’re in market, how best to connect with and convert them.  


There’s a world of potential out there, but how can you identify and activate highly qualified leads if you don’t know who or what to look for, and what messages will resonate most effectively? 

The Leadspace CDP allows customers to tap into and better understand their known and unknown audiences, helps prioritize the best accounts and leads based on multiple inputs, and creates custom personas to use in multi-channel marketing and sales campaigns. Beyond simply enriching inbound and existing databases with the most comprehensive and accurate B2B marketing and sales data, Leadspace applies advanced machine learning algorithms to match leads to accounts, prioritize by fit, segment by unique buyer personas, and activate intent data through models that identify the next best leads and accounts to target. Benefits include increased delivery and conversion rates, higher deal size and faster close rates. 


Data Management

Ensure the highest data quality via Leadspace's real-time cleanse and enrich capability - update or add up to 120 fields across accounts and contacts.

Lead-to-Account Matching

Enable more effective ABM campaigns by reducing errors in lead routing and identifying key personas in named accounts for targeted campaigns.

AI and Predictive Modeling

Enables unique Persona and Account level Fit, Look-a-Like and Intent based models for more accurate segmentation, targeting and activation in Marketo

Max Limit (6 Features)


The Leadspace B2B CDP offers Marketo customers a fully integrated experience through our LaunchPoint certified Accelerate partnership. Our Enrichment integration is easy to implement and can typically be completed in an hour or two.  To ensure you are up and running quickly, Leadspace deploys a highly trained Customer Success team on every one of our installs. Today more than 50 of our 100+ customers also use Marketo. Global leaders such as Nvidia, Extreme Networks, AppDynamics and RingCentral leverage the real-time integration to bring data and intelligence into their marketing and sales workflows. 













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