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Marketo Deduplicator

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This semi-automatic Marketo Deduplicator app allows you to supercharge your deduplication efforts and dedupe tens of thousands of dupes in minutes!
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Automatic and reliable
  • Salesforce-integrated
  • Easy to master
  • Affordable for SMBs
Save on the cost of your Marketo subscription, don’t waste your time on deduplicating Marketo leads manually and simplify your lead management with this brand new Leadonance Deduplicator for Marketo!
Leadonance Deduplication app for Marketo gives you full control over your leads, allowing to make the whole process semi-automatic, removing the necessity to merge each duplicate pair manually.
- NEW! Fully integrated with Salesforce
- Turnkey solution: Default setup allows you to dedupe thousands of leads in 3 clicks
- Fully customisable: Set up your own rules on how to merge dupes in 10 minutes
- Secure & reliable: HTTPS-secured, database encrypted
- Easy to master: slick and simple, this app will not require hours to get the hang of


So what are you waiting for? Request a live demo now - they are conducted daily.

Marketo Integration

Leadonance Deduplicator for Marketo is created to help you dedupe thousands of records in a matter of minutes.

For the integration to work you'll need to set up data exchange between Marketo and the app via REST API. You'll need:

- an API-role (with full access to API functions)

- an API-only user assigned that role 

- a static list which contains the leads you want to dedupe

That's all! To get a step-by-step instruction on how to get started with the app in 15 minutes, please, download the attached quick start-up guide. Also feel free to request a quick individual demo (45 mins max) - these are conducted daily.