Marketo WordPress Connector

By LeadMD

Marketo WordPress Connector gives you the ability to email single or multiple content posts from WordPress CMS to your Marketo smart lists.


Custom WordPress/Marketo integration

You work hard on your content. There’s a lot involved – drafting, writing, sharing. Making sure it’s relatable to your audience. The next step is making sure they actually see it. LeadMD’s Marketo Wordpress Connector plugin provides a full-service solution to send any CMS post to your opt in lists in in Marketo.

Combine the power of Marketo tracking with WordPress

There are a ton of email newsletter plugins out there. But only the Marketo WordPress Connector plugin allows you to fully harness the power of WordPress and Marketo tracking to make sure your campaigns are demonstrably effective. Whether you need to send a single piece of content in a demand generation blast, or a weekly digest to make sure your content isn’t missed, our plugin has you covered.

No re-creation of content necessary 

LeadMD’s Marketo Wordpress Connector plugin was designed for ease-of-use. There’s no advanced email building or re-creation of content necessary.

Once you’ve set up your template, sending emails is as easy as selecting which content to send to which groups, then scheduling the send. The LeadMD plugin automatically inserts featured images and metadata, as well as automatically linked social sharing icons for maximum shareability. 

Email campaigns should be simple: Get your content in front of buyers who want to see it, then track the results. LeadMD’s Marketo WordPress Connector plugin allows you to do just that, with ease. 

With the LeadMD Marketo Wordpress Connector, you will be able to:

  • Customize your look with header images and tailored messaging

  • Schedule multiple posts from selected categories (Digest)

  • Automate the demand generation process


This document will enable you to download, install, and implement the integration via Marketo and Wordpress. 

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