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Mine & manage email replies automatically


After every campaign someone has to open each reply for unsubscribe requests. Eliminate this time-consuming, painful process and take it to the next level with Reply Email Mining. It's amazing how much information resides in out-of-office, left-the-company, and change-of-email-address auto-responses. Even bounces and spam-trap auto-responders are helpful for increasing open rates and deliverability.

LeadGnome cleans your database, enriches existing leads, adds new contacts, boosts compliance, and discovers sales trigger events automatically.

Here's what the market says:

“LeadGnome gives our clients a unique and valuable way to take advantage of content returned in automatic email replies.” - Jessica Kao, Director of Client Services at Digital Pi & 3x Marketo Champion, 2018 Marketo Champion of the Year

"Email is a key part of every Account-based Everything strategy, so managing the replies is mission-critical for us. LeadGnome automates this process and integrates seamlessly with Marketo." - Jeff Spicer, Sr. Manager Marketing Operations at Engagio

"LeadGnome is for real. Easiest marketing decision I've made in years. Don't hesitate." - Nick Ezzo, VP of Demand Generation at Sage Intacct

"The QuickMobile team is often heard saying 'Power of the Gnome!' when alerts or other actions are triggered." - Emily Dick, Director of Marketing at QuickMobile & Marketo Champion

"Because of LeadGnome, I'm saving hours every week that can be applied to far more critical and important tasks." - Siri Olson, Marketing Operations at Gigamon

"Companies are hungry to drive more leads and enhance the leads they already have. LeadGnome addresses both of these needs." - Jeff Coveney, EVP at Digital Pi & Marketo Champion


Eliminate manual review of replies

Save time - let LeadGnome scan and analyze every reply for you and synchronize the data with Marketo automatically

Clean and enrich customer database

Update titles and phone numbers, remove invalid contacts, and discover job changes before your competitors

Boost compliance

Identify unsubscribe requests in your mailbox to maintain compliance with GDPR, CASL, and CAN-SPAM

Generate sales-ready leads

Drive sales with new account-specific leads and identify replacement when primary contact leaves the company

Grow pipeline

Discover sales trigger events that generate opportunities, find phone numbers, and increase connect rates

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Integration of LeadGnome with Marketo is quick and easy. The process has two parts: (1) preparing your Marketo system for integration and (2) configuring your LeadGnome account. We have a step-by-step document, Program Guide: Marketo Integration, located in the Resources section of this LaunchPoint profile.

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LeadGnome not only rounds out information on contacts we know, but also delivers new contacts within a target organization, allowing us to map that account internally.
Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Demand Generation at Sage