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Automated Reply Email Mining

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Mine reply emails to identify sales trigger events, generate new contacts, append & cleanse existing leads.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Grow pipeline
  • Increase sales velocity
  • Reduce database decay
  • Integration with Marketo

Why LeadGnome?

Although difficult to capture, B2B marketing and sales professionals recognize that campaign reply emails contain valuable account and sales intelligence. If it was easy to leverage, the combination of email reply data and Marketo business workflows would deliver a powerful competitive advantage. LeadGnome now makes it possible to leverage reply emails within Marketo Programs and Interesting Moments.

LeadGnome makes use of reply emails that are typically wasted. These reply emails contain valuable information: sales trigger events, new contacts, and fresh data to enhance your existing leads. Our B2B customers use LeadGnome in both Account (ABM) and Lead based models to:

  • Grow pipeline
  • Increase sales velocity
  • Stem database decay
  • Boost email deliverability and reputation

Example LeadGnome customers integrated with Marketo: DoubleDutch, Host Analytics, QuickMobile.

Customer Case Studies

Marketo Integration

Integration of LeadGnome with Marketo is quick and easy. The first step is add some custom fields (we will provide you and your Marketo administrator with a detailed spreadsheet of these fields). Next, via the LeadGnome console, simply click the ADD button on the Account > 3rd Party page and choose Marketo. This will bring you to the Marketo to login, which provides permission for LeadGnome to access your Marketo system. Then enter the following three pieces of information: Client ID, Client Secret, and Endpoint URL (your Marketo administrator will have these values). That's it, your LeadGnome account is integrated with your Marketo system.