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Marketo Implementation and Managed Services

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LeadFabric is a B2B marketing agency, specializing in Pan-Euro demand marketing and sales enablement strategy, technology implementations and campaign
Main Features
  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing as a Service
  • Managed Services

In our personal lives we're all buyers. And we've realized that the way we buy has seriously altered since the internet came along. Because information is all around us, we don't always need real sales people to guide us along our buying journey. In fact sometimes we like to stay away from pushy reps because we just don't want to get sold to.

The same is valid for business purchasing. Buyers buy, and we no longer just 'sell'. But, how is your marketing department or your sales process coping with this change? Are we just praying to be contacted by our buyers? And how do we stay in contact all the way until they purchase the product (hopefully from us)?

That is why we exist. We help our clients adapt, by making operations more efficiently and converting more business potential into revenue. How? By weaving a solid foundation underneath their sales and marketing execution. A solid fabric woven from knowledge, technology and campaigns.

While buyer engagement is a world wide trend. There are distinct differences between the solutions and the approach for various geographies. LeadFabric focusses on Europe. We employee an international workforce, multi lingual and aware of local requirements imposed by cultural differences, local habits and regulatory restrictions. We don't just add 'international' to our brand name. Our DNA is woven from cross-border, multi cultural capabilities.