Digital Demand Capture for Marketo

By Lead Anywhere

Digital Demand Capture is a service that intelligently finds the buyers you want to sell to and tells you what you need to know to close them.


Digital Demand Capture is a service that finds the buyers you want to sell to and tells you what you need to know to close them. All of the pre-qualified leads we provide immediately become part of your sales pipeline.

  • RISK FREE - 100% pay for performance pricing model

  • We align with your buyer motivations through dynamic content and funnel them into a live conversation

  • We double the sales generated from your marketing investments

Your marketing investments are designed to drive more sales. Opportunities exist on your website today but industry averages show around 90% of those opportunities aren't being captured and of those that are more than 50% are ignored by sales. We have unique tools and methodologies that are focused on capturing incremental opportunities that are driven from your Marketo investments and accommodating the majority of sales teams that want leads with more context.

Digital Demand Capture validates your Marketo expenditures, amplifies the returns, and keeps your sales team selling instead of qualifying. Digital Demand Capture intelligently finds the buyers on your site and ingeniously funnels them into conversations with human expertise. These experts are skilled in uncovering the opportunities that exist with these buyers while simultaneously accommodating the buyer's needs.

Take Digital Demand Capture for a live test drive by visiting our website

Here you’ll get to experience how we leverage dynamic content and personalized messaging to funnel buyers into a conversation with one of our experts.


Digital Demand Capture intelligently integrates with your Marketo platform to bring more transparency to your marketing automation efforts. In addition to receiving some of the most qualified sales opportunities you’ve ever seen, the Digital Demand Capture Marketo integration will deliver in the following ways:

  • Digital Demand Capture recognizes when someone visits your website from one of your Marketo campaigns. With this recognition it can dynamically engage them with relevant content/messages that align with the motivations a buyer from your marketing campaign would have.
  • Once in a conversation with a visitor from one of your Marketo campaigns, we can automatically update any field in the visitors Marketo record. An example of some of these updates are: adjust the record Marketo score, upload chat transcript, assign to different campaign, etc…
  • If an opportunity is created from the conversation, Digital Demand Capture will automatically create or update records in Marketo with the opportunity details which then can be sync’d with any CRM platform of your choice.

The Digital Demand Capture Marketo integration gives you more transparency into how your marketing automation efforts are really effecting demand going to your website.  When opportunities are created it is able to provide actual attribution back to your Marketo investment giving you more data to understand the return on your marketing investments.

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