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LaunchPoint Engagement Stories

What is a LaunchPoint Engagement Story?
Marketo has made some impressive changes to the way we offer technology partner solutions to our customers. Today’s Marketo customers now expect more than ever. They expect that every technology partner listed on not only has an integration into Marketo’s Engagement Platform, but also interoperates with other technology partners. They expect solutions that are Marketo Certified. With Marketo as the central hub for every engagement across every channel, the days of buying single-point solutions are over.

No matter what Marketing strategy our customers are looking to implement, LaunchPoint’s Engagement Stories clearly define and map out what a marketing journey would look like for any marketer.

How is it Different?
Marketo has the industry’s most complete ecosystem of technology partners, which means that our customers will always find a solution for their needs. LaunchPoint’s engagement stories are built and generated by professionals in our ecosystem who understand the challenges that marketers face every day.

Our mission is to transform the way that marketers engage with their audiences.

Content Marketing:

Content Marketers engage with audiences through online materials such as blogs, case studies and videos. Instead of pitching products and services, content marketers attract buyers through relevant stories, thought leadership and issues that readers care about. The goal of for content marketers is to ensure their pitch and messaging is personalized and doesn't look like spam.

Demand Generation:
Demand generation marketers are focused on consistently looking for innovative ways to drive leads through awareness, consideration and decision stages to support customer’s purchase of business solutions. Demand generation teams will leverage tactics such as email campaigns, SEO, PPC campaigns, webinars and trade shows to generate and qualify prospects before passing them on to nurture tracks and sales teams. 

Field Marketing:
Field marketers are responsible for generating highly targeted and personalized events to help nurture top target accounts so Sales can bring their opportunities to close. One of the toughest parts of a field marketer’s job is generating an effective communication plan to ensure that sales teams can have consistent messaging face-to-face. 

Marketing Manager:
Marketing Managers are responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies to achieve business goals. They are responsible for having a holistic view of their business’s overall marketing plan, skills and technology stack to effectively promote their brand and drive revenue.

Marketing Operations:
Marketing Operation teams are the glue to any marketing team. They are generally responsible for three areas of marketing: Technology, Data & Alignment. Marketing Operations help evaluate, maintain and grow their marketing teams technology stacks. They are also responsible for ensuring that data is flowing properly from those technologies into marketing campaigns. Lastly, they help train and align with other teams to make sure that the technology is used properly.

Sales and Marketing alignment is a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. Sales consistently wants to be delivered with qualified leads within their target market or named accounts. In order to build a foundation for sales & marketing alignment, marketers must first understand the criteria required for sales to consider a lead as qualified. Data, segmentation and lead enhancement are key to ensuring that Sales receives the right leads at the right time for accurate follow up. LaunchPoint Technology partners can provide marketers with these tools so that no lead falls through the cracks.

Social Media: 
Social media marketers attract online audiences to their organization's website via social media apps and platforms. They work and align closely with other marketers on their team to effectively promote their organization’s brand, marketing activities, products & solutions. They are responsible for generating new lead data that may otherwise not come to their organization’s website through other inbound marketing methods.

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