SaaS Customer Acquisition Platform

By LaunchBit

LaunchBit is a customer acquisition platform that helps SaaS companies cost-effectively achieve growth with our B2B insights and analytics.


SaaS customer acquisition platform

LaunchBit is a customer acquisition platform for SaaS companies. We help SaaS companies get new customers through our integrations with multiple B2B ad networks and over 4,000 publishers who reach professional audiences. Through our insights and analytics, we can help you cost-effectively achieve growth. We work with hundreds of fantastic companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. We're backed by an amazing set of investors from the Silicon Valley and are proud to work with a great team.

Reduce your costs
You set the price you want to pay per click, and we do the rest. Our platform integrates with multiple ad networks that operate as CPC auctions. We rank your ad and allocate impressions based on your bid as well as its click-through-rate. You only pay when your ad is clicked. We use a second-price auction system so you only pay what your competitors are bidding. This gets you the lowest possible price.

Manage your publishers
You have control over your publishers. Our platform gives you statistics around how many impressions, clicks, and even conversions each publisher is generating. This means you can determine which publishers are converting and which ones aren’t, and you can block those that are not converting.


LaunchBit for Marketo
At LaunchBit, we give you the information you need to optimize your campaign so you generate more leads at the lowest possible cost. We automatically populate your ad URLs with utm parameters so that you can track successful conversions down to the publisher level.

You can set up your Marketo landing pages to pre-fill your hidden input fields with these utm parameters so that conversion tracking is integrated with your marketing automation system. This allows you to determine which publishers generated which leads. As you nurture those leads through your drip program, you’ll be able to retain this publisher information. You can even personalize your emails to these leads by referencing where they came from. And, even if your leads convert months later, you’ll be able to know which publishers are optimal sources of traffic for your customer acquisition process.

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