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Lattice enables you to accelerate revenue by providing complete knowledge about your customers.


Built on artificial intelligence, Lattice enables you to get complete knowledge about your customers and prospects. Companies use Lattice in conjunction with their Marketing Automation and CRM systems to drive more targeted campaigns across the entire funnel - whether it's driving successful inbound marketing programs, outbound campaigns, ABM programs or sales prospecting. Our apps enable you to use data and predictive analytics to identify your most valuable accounts and leads using predictive scoring, engage them with relevant messages and content using data-driven buyer profiles, and trigger highly targeted campaigns faster and more accurately using sophisticated segmentation. Global companies like Dell, Paypal, Hootsuite, Cisco and CDW use Lattice to drive up to 3x higher conversion rates and 10x higher revenue across all stages of the sales and marketing funnel. 






Lattice is natively integrated into Marketo. Once you create predictive models in Lattice, you can invoke them for scoring and enrichment right within your SmartCampaigns in Marketo. As a result, whenever you have a new lead or new activity, Lattice will score that lead within 5 minutes - ensuring that your hot leads are passed to sales as quickly as possible.

Lattice also enriches each lead with data about the companies from which the leads come from. Lattice tracks over 21,000 attributes for 200M+ companies worldwide and makes that data available within your Marketo instance. Each lead in Marketo can be enriched with behind the firewall tech usage data, website profile data, intent data, growth trends, etc. available right within your operational systems. You can use these enrichments to drop leads into very customized nurture programs or provide more context to sales prior to follow-up.


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