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Lattice Engines provides the world's first B2B customer data platform that empowers marketers to improve productivity throughout the campaign process.


Lattice Engines provides a Saas-based platform that serves as the “Single Source of the Marketing Truth” for B2B Marketing teams everywhere. Our platform enables B2B marketers to centralize all their 1st and 3rd party buyer data in a single place and then use AI to segment and create audiences for campaigns. Customers use the platform to activate these audiences across all their channels (email, sales, web, ads, direct mail, bots, etc) for all parts of the revenue funnel from net new acquisition, to lead acceleration to churn detection and cross-sell/up-sell. With an unrivaled track record of success and expertise, Lattice is a leader recognized by Independent Analysts and customers including AT&T, Adobe, Dell, Google, Paypal, Tibco and hundreds of enterprise and fast growing companies. Lattice is a Salesforce Gold partner, a Marketo Accelerate Partner and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA. To learn more, please visit and follow @Lattice_Engines. 



Lattice is natively integrated into Marketo with the Lattice Audience Activation App for Marketo. The app enables Marketo customers to engage buyers with hyper-personalized messages using always-on engagement campaigns and sales plays against audiences built using the analytics and insights from Lattice. As prospects make their way down the buyer journey, the app dynamically ensures that they are being engaged by the right campaigns in Marketo – without manual intervention. 

Lattice enriches each prospect with data about the companies from which the prospect come from. Lattice tracks over 21,000 attributes for 200M+ companies worldwide and makes that data available within your Marketo instance. Each lead in Marketo can be enriched with behind the firewall tech usage data, website profile data, intent data, growth trends, etc. available right within your operational systems. You can use these enrichments to drop leads into very customized nurture programs or provide more context to sales prior to follow-up. The application’s segmentation capabilities also enhance a marketer’s ability to operationalize account-based marketing (ABM) at scale.



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Lattice is the AI brain and Marketo the engine that powers all next-best action decisions in our buyer journeys
Stephen Shapiro, VP of Digital and Customer Journey at Informatica