Lattice Engines: Predictive Marketing

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Lattice predicts who will buy, what they are likely to buy and when.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Brings in buyer intent data
  • Highlights predictive insights
  • Writes scores into Marketo

What does Lattice do?

Lattice predicts who will buy now. Our complete set of proven applications combines billions of buying signals and applies advanced machine learning to help businesses in all industries drive improved sales and marketing performance. Specifically, our applications help with the following:

  • Prospect Discovery: find clones of your current customers, who aren’t in your database

  • Lead Prioritization: find your most sales-ready leads

  • Account Prioritization: find companies who are most likely to buy

  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell: find customers most likely to buy more

  • Retention: find customers at risk for churn







Marketo Integration

Marketo Integration

Predictive scoring can be configured and set up in a few easy steps. Lattice’s applications are designed to seamlessly integrate to Marketo to both pull contact activity and then write predictive scores back to the database, whether the score is for a lead, an account or for customer activity.

  • Provide your Marketo and CRM API credentials

  • Determine your target goal for scoring – Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) or closed-won deals

  • Run the model

The Results

Once the model is built, scores can be written back to Marketo automatically via API. The Lattice application will then continue to run in the background, updating scores as new activities occur or updated information about an account is detected. This ensures your scores are always current and up-to-date as the information you collect about both leads and accounts changes over time. This also ensures that hot leads can be passed over to sales as quickly as possible.