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Lane Four: Account-Based Lead Routing

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Lane Four is Account-Based Lead Routing which automates processes including duplicate & matched data, round robin, and lead assignment.
Main Features
  • Account-Based Lead Routing
  • Lead-to-Account Matching
  • Lead-to-Contact Matching
  • Round Robin Assignment

Lane Four is 100% native, Account-Based Lead Routing which bridges the gap between Marketing Automation and Salesforce. Our ABM suite helps you automate processes such as finding duplicate & matched data, round robin assignment, and lead conversion.

  • Regional Automation & Account Matching: Lane Four's Account-Based Lead Routing Engine automatically maps MQLs to a particular region. The round robin interface simplifies the management of assignments to inside sales reps, BDRs or corporate account reps.

  • Matched Record View: For any match between leads, contacts, or accounts, matching records are displayed directly in the page in three stacked tables: matched accounts, matched contacts, and matched leads based on the Saleforce fuzzy matching rules.

  • Professional Services: Lane Four offers a suite of services to optimize your ABM stack including Flow Strategy, On-Demand Support for Sales Operations, Advanced Reporting for Marketing Operations, and agile development for Full Project requirements.

There's no need for Sales Operations to assign leads manually, report on leads and contacts in Excel, manage duplicate data, or allow sales reps to forget about leads. Lane Four’s Lead Routing Engine gets leads to the right person at the right time; matches leads with accounts; routs and auto-converts leads; and helps manage account-based sales teams.

You’ll find all the configuration options in our simple interface including:

Regional Automation
Round Robin Rules
Fuzzy Matching & SFDC Duplicate Management
Account Matching Evaluation Steps
Bridge Reporting
Matched Record View Configuration
Auto Convert Logic
Task Rollups
Territory Management

Why 100% Native?

Administration: all admin features reside right in Salesforce without 3rd party systems.
Security: native mean less risk to exposing data to hacks & data leaks.
Performance: Lane Four processes thousands of leads in minutes.
Results: clients find a large percentage of MQL's & SQL's already match accounts.