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Quant by Lancers

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Quant enbales brands to find the right creators through data insight.
Main Features
  • Perfomance analytics
  • Audience targeting
  • Website widgets
  • Creators portfolio

◆About Quant

Quant is a content marketing platform powered by Lancers. 


◆Why use Quant?

1. Creator performance translated into quantitative data/大量のコンテンツ制作能力を、定性データ化

Quant offers a 360 degree view of a creator profile by tracking the performance of their articles online (such as engagement metrics & marketing performance as well as audience insight) and linking that data back to their profile which contains information on their work history, skills, certifications and portfolio. 

This kind of insight, combined with the knowledge of our team of in-house content directors helps us better match freelance creators and companies and improve content marketing results. 

クリエイターの職歴やスキル、過去の執筆記事と、そのマーケティング効果をデータ化、 記事を閲覧した読者のオーディエンスデータやコンテンツのエンゲージメント指標を クリエイター単位で可視化することで、よりクライアントとマッチするクリエイターで コンテンツマーケティング支援を実現することを実現します。

2. From planning to content creation and performance tracking we provide a one stop solution./企画から制作、運用支援、分析までワンストップソリューションを提供

So far, Lancers has been providing content marketing services to over 500 web media companies. Combining in-house know-how and crowdsourcing capabilities with unique data analysis powered by Quant, makes it possible to provide a one-stop content marketing solution.


3. Support for rich content/コンテンツのリッチ化トレンドにも対応可能

Apart from article writing, we also offer creation services for rich content, such as video and infographics.