Kwanzoo Adaptive Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

By Kwanzoo Inc

With Kwanzoo Adaptive ABM, reach buyers at your global target accounts, fully integrated into your enterprise B2B customer experience (CX) tech stack.


With Kwanzoo’s Adaptive ABM reach and engage your “hard-to-reach” senior buyers across a global list of target accounts. Engage prospects across global geos (North America, EU, APAC, LATAM, ANZ) using a range of third party B2B targeting data sources. Engage buyers based on their seniority, job function (e.g. finance), expressed intent, industry and more. Engage buyers with highly targeted display ads across the web.


More account reach & coverage

With one-stop access to the largest third party B2B cookie and IP-based data providers, reach and engage more buyers, across global target accounts.

Better targeting

Target prospects across your global account list with specific filters - from seniority, to job functions, buying intent topics, industry, and more.

More efficient media buying

Buy media armed with data on available account reach and coverage. Apply best practices from 100s of campaigns on ads served per account and buyer.

Deeper reporting

Deliver unique insights on account & buyer engagement across ad programs and on the website, so Sales can prioritize outreach and drive more deals.

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Integrate Kwanzoo’s unique anonymous buyer engagement data from ABM ad programs and on the website, with Marketo’s insights on engagement through emails and other demand generation channels from known contacts and leads. Deliver a complete view into  account-level engagement to your Sales teams across both known and anonymous buyers from target accounts. Boost capture of leads from display-based retargeting programs directly into your Marketo database using Kwanzoo’s unique in-banner lead form ads.

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