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Kwanzoo for Email & CRM Retargeting

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Up to 80% of users do not open your emails. Re-engage inactive users, and nurture active users on your email & direct mail lists using display ads
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Nurture leads through display
  • Boost site visits & leads
  • Increase engagement

Traditional nurture programs engage your prospects (on your website, or when you send out nurture emails) an average of 2X per month. With Kwanzoo for Email & CRM Retargeting, you can now engage users from your in-house email and direct mail lists up to 30X per month using display ads.

  • Serve display ads to users in your email & direct mail lists
  • Source 3rd party lists that match your audience specifications to “rent” additional lists for your retargeting programs
  • Launch & update offers quickly with our Do-it-Yourself (DIY) platform
  • Personalize your ads to target accounts, industry, company size, and more
  • Track ad activity & engagement by account

Marketo Integration

Connect to Marketo to serve ads across the web to your existing Marketo database of emails. Choose email segments to target with specific offers, reach inactive portions of your email lists, and enhance your existing nurture programs by increasing nurture touches from 2x to 30x per month through display.

Capture engagement data, lead data and more directly into your Marketo records, and identify leads who engage to route to your sales team, helping to accelerate your sales pipeline.