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Kwanzoo for Site Retargeting

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95% of users leave your site without filling out a form. Bring them back by retargeting with Kwanzoo in-banner form ads and personalized display ads.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Capture 30% more leads
  • Personalize ads
  • Track ad activity & engagement

Traditional site retargeting campaigns serve simple banner ads that link to landing page forms. With Kwanzoo, you can run site retargeting campaigns with in-banner formsvideo lead forms, and webinar signup adsCapture leads directly from the ad unit into Marketo, and boost conversion rates by 30% or more. Engage and convert prospects with white paper offers, video content, trial signups and more, and eliminate the dropoffs from landing page redirects.  



Marketo Integration

Integrate your Kwanzoo campaigns with Marketo to directly store leads into Marketo, along with appended data fields (company/job data, geo data, and more), and additional hidden fields for lead tracking (Lead Source, Lead Source Detail, and more). Help your sales team identify sales-ready leads by routing lead data and additional data into your CRM program. Stage leads to identify junk or test data, and append any changes into Marketo.