Kvantum for Agile Marketing

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Kvantum works with clients in Marketing, Merchandising, Ecommerce and Analytics functions for processing data in realtime, getting actionable insights
Main Features
  • On demand Media Mix
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • Scenario Planning
  • Adv Visualization & Search

Our vision is to empower brands by providing the deep learning based analytics to support the agile marketing. Kvantum works with clients in marketing, merchandising, ecommerce and analytics functions to deploy capabilities for processing large streams of noisy data in real time, and generating actionable insights.

Main Features:

  • On demand Media Mix - Do one time media mix study or just make it on demand as per your need.
  • Real-time Cross-Channel analytics - Understand the synergies between online & offline channels on real-time basis.
  • Scenario Planning & Optimization - Plan any kind of mix such as  media, impressions, publishers, keywords, content, etc.
  • Advanced Visualization & Search - Bring any data (marketing, product, pricing, CRM, finance, supply chain, etc.) and build logical dashboards. Search your data without tagging it.

Kvantum team has developed a big data platform that has capabilities for high dimensional, big data computation, structured and unstructured text processing, semantics analysis, machine learning and classical statistical analysis.

Do you want to?

  • Know how your marketing dollars performed in 2016?
  • Optimize digital and traditional marketing spend for Holiday 2016?
  • Determine the impact of web content on incremental sales
  • Assess the contribution of marketing to eCommerce and/or In-store sales?
  • Evaluate the portfolio of publishers and keyword ad groups for maximum conversions
  • Understand the micro-segments leading to incremental sales and/or brand awareness

If you are spending less than $1M on marketing, do ask for promotion we are running for Q2 2017.