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Cloud-Based data management platform for brands and publishers


The Krux Difference

Only Krux collects 100% of your consumer data 100% of the time. We capture all user activity – website content read, ads clicked, social sharing – across all screens. You can use this vast dataset to create highly nuanced, premium audience segments that can be deployed in any channel or device fast.

And, unlike all other DMPs out there, Krux has no interest in selling your audience data to other clients, data providers or media companies. Your data is your data.

Key Stats:

  • Manage over 1.7B+ unique data points across 100+ clients and 4 continents
  • 3rd largest data truth set behind Google and Facebook for Cross-Device Identification
  • Case Study: 243% in media efficiency in the first month for a marketer client
  • Case Study: 6x conversions at only 60% of the original budget through segmented targeting

Unify Data

Aggregate first-, second- and third-party data, such as website, CRM, self-declared, ads clicked, social signals and purchased audience segments to build robust audience profiles that drive better performance.


Our data security module puts an end to data leakage and latencies through its aerial tracking, analysis, and policy enforcement capabilities. We are neutral and separate from media buying and re-selling your data. This ensures that your data will never be used without your knowledge. This also provides portability, because you have


Our audience engine offers robust audience discovery, attribution modeling against your key KPIs, as well as mapping out the effective path to purchase of your audience in order to maximize your marketing investments


Understanding global frequency, device and channel overlap as well as validating your audience against 2nd and 3rd party today to ensure data accuracy.


Krux ( delivers cloud-based data management software for companies to capture, analyze, protect and manage people data across all screens and sources. With Krux are delivering cooler, faster, smarter web experiences to over 1.8 billion monthly users across the globe. Companies capturing some of the world's most valuable consumer data (Kellogg's, Meredith, YouBeauty, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Axel Springer, Washington Post, Source Interlink,, Financial Times, AARP) depend on Krux to protect and manage their data and connect it safely with trusted partners.


See attached document for details on Krux's integration with Marketo.

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