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The powerful and flexible video platform: host, live stream, and create video and video presentations. Share content dynamically and track performance


Video and marketing automation go hand-in-hand, and forward-thinking marketers are always looking for ways to create and seamlessly manage engaging video content -- faster and more efficiently.  Video content, while very effective, is not used nearly enough because of its cost and complexity -- until now.

Knovio by KnowledgeVision is the fastest way to manage all your content and create engaging, interactive video presentations without breaking the bank.  Knovio takes you beyond a simple video platform and gives you flip decks, live streaming with synced presentations, customizable video players, branded video portals, and powerful analytics that provide actionable business insights on how well your content is performing.  

The Knovio video platform is designed to make it remarkably easy to manage video, video presentations, and content for marketing, sales, live events, training and more.  Knovio starts with assets that already exist:  video, upcoming company meetings, Powerpoint presentations and the experts who know best how to tell the story. Upload content or invite experts to share their expertise. The easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface makes combining video, audio, slide decks and multimedia incredibly fast and makes it simple to create and share an interactive viewing experience. 

Your Knovio video and video presentations can be embedded in your website, on landing pages, in email campaigns, and just about anywhere else you share video.  Powerful sharing options let you customize weblinks, upload guest lists to control who views content, build registration pages to generate leads and quickly publish to social media networks.  You can even add a custom call to action to your video or registration form to ensure your viewers stay connected with you.  

Knovio's unique analytics track every aspect of video and content performance and viewer engagement, giving you the actionable business insights you need.  Now it's easy to understand all viewer interactions with your content -- how long they watched, what sections they viewed, quiz results, what links they clicked, what documents they downloaded, and how they shared the content. This activity is analyzed and synthesized into an Engagement Score, which can be used with Marketo to trigger alerts, lead scoring, and other campaign actions -- instantly and automatically.  You can even pass through percent of video watched, quiz answers and slides viewed if needed.  

The Knovio video platform is ideal for both on-demand content and live events.  Live events can be synced instantaneously with slides and reach thousands of simultaneous viewers.  Advanced features such as NeverLate, guest lists, and Q & A will help make your live event memorable and stand out from the crowd. NeverLate is the innovative feature that lets viewers start from the beginning of the event, even if they arrive late!  Noone will miss opening remarks again.  Your on-demand video and content can be shared and tracked wherever you want.   

Knovio is compatible across all your devices, so viewing, sharing and even creating video content is easy on desktops, mobile devices, and smartphones.  Customizable player templates let you design the perfect viewing experience for each of your audiences. Add custom video portals with or without password protection to easily and quickly share curated content with specific audiences.  

It's easier than ever to help your customers, prospects, and employees consume video and content the way they want to enjoy it.  Get started with a free Knovio trial


Branded Video Portals

Knovio showcases let you curate and share video and content for specific audiences. Add branding, drop-down navigation bars, passwords and reg forms.

Powerful Tracking & Analytics

Track how well content is performing and analyze who interacts with it. Easily switch between summary and unique video views w/interactive dashboard.

Record & sync video, audio w/slides

Easily record video presentations alongside slides or other presentation content; invite experts to record and share their video story with an email.

Host and share video

Knovio video can be just a video. Custom players let you create a branded viewing experience. Quickly create flip-decks from powerpoints or add a CTA

Live webcasting

Real-time video and slide sync with Q&A. Never miss opening remarks with NeverLate. Create a multimedia viewing experience with interactive players.

Max Limit (6 Features)


Knovio analytics measure the overall performance of a single video or a collection of videos and track the behavior of individual viewers of video and online presentations. In addition to collecting detailed information about who views each Knovio, how long they viewed it, what slides they saw, what slides they skipped, what links they followed, and what handouts they downloaded, Knovio assigns an Engagement Score to each view.  This score can be used for lead scoring. 

The KnowledgeVision-Marketo integration allows Marketo flow actions to be triggered by Knovio views that exceed a settable Engagement Score threshold.

For example, Marketo can be configured to increase the Lead Score more for a high-engagement viewer than a low-engagement viewer, can generate an Interesting Moment into a high-engagement viewer's SalesForce record, and can send a notification to the lead owner with details of that particular viewing.  The engagement score is just one of many advanced analytics features that can be used to better understand customer engagement.  You can track engagement from email campaigns, custom links and landing pages as well.  As long as there is a Knovio video, you can track it. 

The KnowledgeVision-Marketo integration is included in the Knovio Corporate Edition.  


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Showcases are a game changer and Knovio's customizable platform allows our team to deliver financial video content in a dynamic way and quickly measure content performance.
Mark Loehr, CEO, OpenExchange