KnowledgeVision Online Presentations, with KVTrack Engagement Scoring

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The world's most powerful & flexible online presentation platform: rapid development & deployment of marketing content with deep tracking analytics
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Synchronize video & PowerPoint
  • Learn & deploy in 15 minutes
  • Track/score viewer engagement
  • Full integration with Marketo

Content and marketing automation go hand-in-hand, and marketers are under pressure to create engaging content -- and more of it -- at a lower and lower cost. Video content, while very effective, is often used sparingly because of its cost and complexity. And many marketers have found that interactive video is out of reach -- until now.

KnowledgeVision is the fastest way to create engaging, interactive video content without breaking the bank.

KnowledgeVision starts with assets that already exist in any organization: PowerPoint presentations and the people who know how to tell the story behind those slides. With its easy-to-learn, easy-to-use tools, KnowledgeVision can combine video or audio, PowerPoint, synchronized web links, navigation, and dozens of plug-in widgets to create an unparalleled interactive presentation experience.

KnowledgeVision presentations can be placed on web pages, on landing pages, in email campaigns, in blog entries, and on social media sites as part of a content marketing program.

KnowledgeVision's unique analytics track every viewer's interactions with the presentation content -- how long they spent, what sections they viewed, what links they clicked, what documents they downloaded, and how they shared the content. This activity is analyzed and synthesized into an Engagement Score, which can then be used with Marketo to trigger alerts, lead scoring, and other campaign actions -- instantly and automatically.

KnowledgeVision may be used for both on-demand content and live webcasts with thousands of simultaneous viewers. KnowledgeVision presentations may be viewed both on desktops and on both Apple and Android tablets. And its player design language can be used to create layouts to fit right in with your website, landing page templates, and email campaigns.

Marketo Integration

KnowledgeVision is capable of tracking the behavior of individual viewers of online presentations hosted on its platform. In addition to collecting detailed information about who views each presentation, how long they viewed it, what slides they saw, what slides they skipped, what links they followed, and what handouts they downloaded, KnowledgeVision assigns an Engagement Score to each view.

The KnowledgeVision-Marketo integration allows Marketo flow actions to be triggered by presentation views that exceed a settable Engagement Score threshold.

For example, Marketo can be configured to increase the Lead Score more for a high-engagement viewer than a low-engagement viewer, can generate an Interesting Moment into a high-engagement viewer's SalesForce record, and can send a notification to the lead owner with details of that particular viewing.

The KnowledgeVision-Marketo integration is included in the KnowledgeVision Corporate Edition, and is available with the KVTrack option for KnowledgeVision Professional Edition users.