Sales Enablement meets Content Marketing

By KnowledgeTree

Accelerate Sales! Predict winning content that boosts rep productivity, advances sales, & closes deals.


Sales Enablement with Content Marketing

KnowledgeTree's sales enablement & acceleration software uses Data Science to predict winning content that boosts productivity, equip reps with best practice tools that accelerate sales, & determine what content most effectively advances deals.

It uses real sales results to recommend best practice content to your reps, right in There’s no portal & no searching!


Dramatically Increase Sales Results

  • Match content to any sales situation – by industry, persona, stage, & more
  • Proactively push best practice content to sales teams
  • Surface content in or Salesforce1
  • Match email recipients to their record and share winning contently directly from email
  • Centralize content from your blog, videos, file shares, CMS, & more

Make Every Sales Person Your Top Performer

  • Recover the 30% of sales reps’ sales productivity
  • Equip every rep with content proven to accelerate sales and boost productivity
  • Give tools, templates, guidance, and training to make content actionable
  • Instantly tailor slide decks for every prospect

Identify Best Practice Sales Enablement Tools

  • Gain insight into what content most effectively advances deals
  • Proactively push winning content to sales teams
  • Connect with Marketing Automation for a complete view of the funnel


How Marketing Gets Content to Sales.

KnowledgeTree connects via Marketo's native integration. Now, as prospects engage with your sales content you can automatically score prospects accordingly.

KnowledgeTree lets sales and marketing teams bring the value of content marketing to sales. Now, sales people can discover and use the best marketing tools and content for a given sales situation.

Sales people can quickly share the right content with prospects and customers. When recipients interact with your content, KnowledgeTree tracks it. These “interesting moments” when a prospect views or downloads your content are invaluable intelligence. Those actions can adjust a prospect’s score, giving insight into how prospects are engaging with your content and your sales team. And helping marketing understand content and tool ROI.

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