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Create beautiful responsive Marketo email and landing pages, with no coding required!


Knak makes creating best-in-class responsive Marketo email and landing pages, simple.

Marketers can build full end-to-end emails with our drag and drop email builder without ever looking at a line of code. Our enterprise features help assist large enterprises manage all aspects of their email creation process, streamlining workflow and maximizing productivity.

Our template product helps Marketers quickly and easily create email and landing page templates for Marketo and then sync them to Marketo with a click of a button.

Started by 4X Marketo Champion Pierce Ujjainwalla and trusted by over half of Marketo's customers. See why over 50% of Marketo's customers use Knak to make better emails and landing pages.


Knak has a native integration with Marketo, to sync emails or landing pages directly into Marketo. Our builder product allows for a direct sync of emails into the email program of your choosing. Our template product allows the sync of Marketo-ready email AND landing page templates to be synced into Design Studio.

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Knak made creating my emails so easy I wanted to cry.
Nancy Beech, Vocera