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Create beautiful responsive Marketo email and landing page templates, with no coding required!
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Email & Landing Page Builder
  • Built for Marketo
  • All emails tested w/ Litmus
  • Starting at only $99/month

Knak makes responsive Marketo email and landing pages simple. Marketers can quickly and easily setup their own templates, with no coding required.

The process is easy. The Marketer selects the design and layout they like, customizes it with their colors, logo and font, adds social information and presto - its done! The Marketer can then bring their customized template into Marketo for easy editing within the WYSIWYG editors.

Knak saves marketers time and money and increases conversion rates.

Marketo Integration

Knak allows Marketers to take full advantage of Marketo's WYSIWYG editors by providing them with the code that they will use for their email and landing page templates. Knak is the tool to build the template, which is then brought into Marketo for editing images, copy, content and links.