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KiteDesk is smarter sales development software-- combining prospecting, data, outreach and intelligent follow-ups for more qualified sales meetings.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Lead Generation w/Data
  • Semi-Automated Email FLOWs
  • Sales Dialer w/Local, VM, REC
  • Advanced Sales Analytics

KiteDesk uncomplicates lead generation. Sales development teams save time and become better at targeting the right people using our on-demand lead-list builder. Then those teams work those leads with scheduled, yet personalized, communications.

Everything is routed and prioritized and nothing falls through the cracks. It’s simply the most effective way to manage leads -- leading to predictable pipeline.

Who knew Sales Development could be this powerful? There’s a bit of magic flying with KiteDesk, as your sales team effortlessly pulls leads back to their desk or into their CRM.



*Single Sales Development Screen - Complete Lead Management

*Lead Builder Leads Database (Millions)

*Advanced Connection Scoring (Warm Introductions)

*ICP Ideal Customer Profile (Visual Search)

*Chrome Extension, Web App

*Search Data Segmentation / Filtering + Data Enrichment

*Logging, Sync, Integration to CRM

*Lead Gen Reports

*Lead Routing

*Custom Mapping (CRM Fields)

*Email Templates, Tracking, Notifications

*Analytics & Insights

*Integrated Calendar

*1-Click Dialer 

*Local Presence

*Voicemail Drop

*Call Record


Marketo Integration

Across app review sites, KiteDesk consistently out-rates other prospecting tools. It’s clear that they’ve captured the attention of sales leaders who are benefitting from this uniquely effortless approach.   

Bring your sales process to life, and make it far easier to make sales. Introducing the world’s smartest sales prospecting -- KiteDesk.