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Kissmetrics combines behavioral analytics, segmentation and email campaign automation to deeply understand and engage your customers.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Population segmentation
  • Email campaign automation

Get, keep and grow more customers with Kissmetrics Customer Engagement Automation

Understand what people are doing on your website and products, and deliver behavior-based emails to engage them every step of the way.

  • Increase Conversions

  • Drive Engagement

  • Grow Retention

The Customer Engagement Automation Platform

Kissmetrics gives you behavioral analytics + email campaign automation. Analyze, segment and engage all in one place.

Kissmetrics Analyze: Get the insights you need, to deliver what they want.

Analyze tracks everything people are doing on your website or products. We provide a suite of reports so you can understand what’s going on, what’s working and what’s not. You’ll get all the insights you need to take action with confidence.

Kissmetrics Populations: Know the health of your key growth segments, and your business.

Populations lets you define and monitor the segments of users that are most important to your business. We track how each of your Populations is changing over time—and automatically curate the highlights and details of what’s happening. Quickly understand the health of your growth funnel so you know where to focus your attention.

Kissmetrics Campaigns: Get people from prospect-to-advocate with engaging, automated emails.

Campaigns enables you to create and send behavior-based emails. Built on our behavioral analytics engine, Campaigns gives you the power to identify who to target, when and why—and then create and send the perfect email to get people engaged and moving forward.

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Marketo Integration

Marketo provides Webhooks, which lets you tell the Kissmetrics tracking servers when something special in Marketo occurs. This gives you more depth in the data you can send from Marketo, not just what was captured in that form.

If you have forms in Marketo that you wish to track in Kissmetrics, consider the following method.


Here is a quick overview of what we’ll be doing:

  • Step 1: Create a field in the Lead Database to save the lead’s Kissmetrics anonymous ID.
  • Step 2: Include the Anonymous ID as a hidden field in your form.
  • Step 3: Create the webhooks to point to the Kissmetrics tracking servers.
  • Step 4: Include the webhooks as part of the Smart Campaign that triggers upon form submission.
  • Step 5: When everything is ready, publish the form.