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Kinetic Social is a social advertising technology company offering SaaS and managed services for marketers.
Main Features
  • Social
  • Mobile Ads
  • Display

Our technology reflects how the modern marketer thinks and works. Thoughtfully designed for brands and creative agencies, our platform fits seamlessly into your workflow. Here’s to making your day a little smoother, and your campaign a whole lot stronger!


Kinetic Product Suites: 

  • Planning Suite: Align insights and create a comprehensive plan that puts people at the center.
  • Reporting Suite: Monitor performance, see the details, and share the big picture insights that matter.
  • Audience Management Suite: Build, manage and extend your audiences.
  • Multivariate Testing Suite: Run media, optimize posts, and discover new audience
  • insights.
  • Programmatic RTB: Reach Audiences on Video, Display and the Mobile Open
  • Web.
  • Creative Management Suite: Manage and measure all your social creative in one place.