Kickbox Email Verification


Integrate real-time email verification into your Marketo workflow! Kickbox helps you separate low-quality email addresses from high-value contacts.


Hey Marketo users! Sign up for a free Kickbox account and get 10% off + 100 free verification credits.

The Kickbox integration with Marketo helps you boost email campaign performance, ROI and deliverability by eliminating bounces, typos and fake email address from entering your database. 

Kickbox instantly identifies the good, the bad, and the ugly -- saving you hours of manual effort. 

  • Protect your sender reputation
  • Improve campaign performance
  • Increase open rates
  • Eliminate bounces
  • Boost email deliverability 

Verify email addresses within your application or anywhere you collect email addresses online. 

See how customers like MuleSoft use the Kickbox integration with Marketo to improve email deliverability and solve the problem of email address validity.

If you have legacy email data that needs to be verified (recommended) Kickbox also offers bulk email address verification that allows you to verify an email list of any size -- big or small. 

Kickbox is EU-US Privacy Shield compliant to support our commitment to customer privacy.

Have questions about the Kickbox integration with Marketo or bulk email verification, please contact [email protected] We're here to help! 


Kickbox can be integrated into Marketo in various ways.  The setup guide provided here will walk you through a simple integration of the Kickbox API into Marketo to verify emails as users sign up using a web form.  The results will be placed into your Lead Database, including the Kickbox results to allow you to make decisions about how to handle data coming back from Kickbox.

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