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MiiPharos | In-store marketing & analytics

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MiiPharos enables Retailers to create in-store marketing campaigns and monetize consumer behavior in real time.
Main Features
  • personalized campaigns
  • proximity based targeting
  • Internet automation
  • consumer behavior analytics

Kerverus IT Ltd is a location-aware technology company operating under the brand of MiiPharos. It enables Retailers to create in-store mobile marketing campaigns and monetize shoppers’ in-store behavior with a cloud based campaign management and analytics platform. 

Our solution provides access to marketers & retailer in order to: 

  • create and personalize in-store marketing campaigns based on shoppers' profile 
  •  target the shoppers on specific product categories and enable interaction with the products 
  •  enable store’s visitors to gain Internet access by just installing the store’s App 
  •  get advanced analytics for consumer behaviour in the store, including: 

- Dwell time (avg visits – avg. returning shoppers – loyal shoppers) 

- Next path & traffic analysis 

- Shopper Penetration Funnel (sales conversion) 

- Multiple level analytics: stores, departments, product categories 


The platform is easily integrated with Marketo and CRM & PoS software.