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Kapost enables B2B marketers to build and manage an effective content operation to deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time.


Marketing success in today’s digital world demands personalized experiences for prospects and customers who expect organizations to meet them exactly where they are in understanding, evaluating, and purchasing a product or service. That’s no easy task for modern B2B marketers who must navigate long and complex buying cycles, reach audiences through ever-evolving digital channels in addition to offline channels, understand an increasingly complex technology landscape, provide data-driven insights to leadership, and collaborate across numerous global teams—all while remaining on-message and on-brand.

Kapost is the solution to B2B marketing complexity. By enabling marketers to take control of the content operation with a single platform, Kapost brings complete visibility to content creation and performance at enterprise scale. From sharpening content strategy, to establishing intelligent workflows, to measuring the impact of the content you create, Kapost is designed to help marketers truly master the customer journey. Building a content operation with Kapost complements marketing automation and CRM platforms and guides the optimization of people, processes, and technology to strategically plan, produce, distribute, and analyze content.



Build a powerful content strategy to engage customers at every step of their journey and provide campaign visibility across your organization


Manage marketing initiatives from content creation to distribution with effective collaboration across enterprise teams


Enable customer-facing teams with customized collections of relevant content through a visual and easy-to-use interface


Measure internal and external content performance to understand the value of your content operation

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Marketo emails and landing pages are two of the many types of content marketers can manage within the Kapost platform. The LaunchPoint integration enables editing of existing assets in Marketo or the creation of new assets based on customized templates within Kapost.

Once Marketo assets are in Kapost, the platform provides editorial calendar scheduling, asset workflow management, task assignment, tracking of relevant files and notes, and collaboration with contributors.

To edit an email or landing page within Kapost, click the "Edit in Marketo" button and the asset will appear in the appropriate Marketo editor. Changes made in Marketo are reflected in Kapost immediately. Once all production tasks are complete, the asset can be activated from within Kapost.

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Learn how Kapost’s Marketo integration made it possible for Hach’s marketing team to increase annual email production by roughly 900%. Since implementing Kapost, Hach can now report a 93% on-time delivery rate.

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