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The Kapost Software Platform organizes content marketing into a structured business process, resulting in more leads and more sales.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Manage landing pages, emails
  • Content workflow and approvals
  • Supports all content types

Success as a digital marketer now requires that marketers become publishers of high volumes of high quality, customer-focused content. But marketers are challenged by this new publishing function and all of the complexity of running a content marketing operation.

Kapost is the leading content marketing software platform, organizing content marketing into a structured business process. Kapost manages the entire content marketing process, including planning (persona / buying stages), ideation, production (marketing calendar, workflows and approvals), distribution and analytics. Kapost centrally organizes all your content, no matter what the type, including: emails, landing pages, blog posts, white papers, eBooks, infographics, videos and social media. And Kapost automatically integrates with all major content destinations, including Marketo, most CMS platforms, social networks, YouTube, Brightcove and Slideshare.

Through using Kapost, marketers can establish a scalable content business process, succeed as "publishers," and generate more visitors, more leads and more sales.

Marketo Integration

Kapost's content marketing software enables brands to manage the production of the content needed to generate and nurture leads. You can create a step-by-step workflow for each piece of content, define project and campaign timelines, assign specific tasks to contributors, and view production and publish dates in the robust editorial calendar.

Marketo emails and landing pages are two of the many content types you can manage with Kapost. The LaunchPoint integration allows you to either edit an existing asset in Marketo or create a new one based on your templates.

Once your Marketo assets are in Kapost, they enjoy the same functionality as your other content types. You can view them within the application, schedule them on your editorial calendar, manage the asset workflow, and assign tasks to contributors. 

To edit the email or landing page, click the "Edit in Marketo" button and the asset will appear in the appropriate Marketo editor. As you make changes in Marketo those changes will be reflected in Kapost. When all production tasks are done and you’re ready to activate the asset, you can do so inside of Kapost. 

To see the integration in action, watch this short video on creating and managing Marketo landing pages and emails in Kapost For more information and content marketing best practices, visit www.Kapost.com.