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Jifflenow is a leading B2B sales advancement platform that helps companies schedule, manage & analyze customer meetings and interactions at events.


Jifflenow is a sales advancement platform that B2B companies use to meet customers, advance sales, and close deals. We help companies accelerate their sales cycles by making it simple to schedule, track, and analyze in-person meetings with prospects and customers. We transform the way companies approach B2B meetings by enabling them to capture, distribute and analyze meeting data. Companies ranging from medium sized businesses to Fortune 1000 corporations use Jifflenow.

Jifflenow is backed by Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners and Saama Capital and is based in San Jose, California.


Jifflenow is the world's leading 1-to-1 meeting scheduling, management, and analytics application for events and trade shows.  

Jifflenow integrates seamlessly with Marketo. Using this integration you can bring together all your Jifflenow scheduled customer interactions and online marketing campaigns at events. This helps convert existing online relationships into face-to-face time at shows and also follow up an event meeting with online drip campaigns.  

How the Integration works:

  • All contacts added to Jifflenow during the event can be synchronized with leads lists in Marketo

  • Jifflenow meeting information for the added contact is available in Marketo as lead intelligence

  • Post-Event Survey responses from the contact on Jifflenow are also accessible in Marketo

  • Post-Meeting update from internal attendees in Jifflenow is accessible in Marketo 



  • Easily import all event qualified leads into Marketo for post-event campaigns

  • Build contextual email campaigns for leads by segmenting event leads based on Jifflenow meeting data

  • Nurture the most important event leads and increase conversion to SQLs and Opportunities

  • Increase visibility into the lifecycle of lead to opportunity conversion

  • Create customized reports using meetings data, slicing and dicing it in your own analysis tool for greater lead insights

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At Appirio, we love Jifflenow and acknowledge how transformational it has been for us at events and we really appreciate all the work that the Jifflenow team is doing.
Latane Conant, SVP of Global Marketing at Appirio