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Automated merchandising of emails by Jetlore

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Increase sales and subscriber engagement via real-time merchandising of your ecommerce email campaigns. Self-learning, self-optimizing, non-repetitive
Main Features
  • Works with any email template
  • Personalized for each user
  • Real-time optimization
  • Automated tracking/reporting

Jetlore is the solution for automated merchandising of ecommerce email campaigns. Featuring merchandise in email campaigns can activate as many as 75% of your subscribers every month and can increase your email sales 2-3x. Jetlore’s engine selects merchandise for each user at the email open time leveraging the latest user activity and up-to-the-minute inventory performance. Jetlore works with both medium-size (100K-1M subscribers) and large-size retailers (1M+ subscribers) including some of the world’s top 20 online retail brands.

Our customers are seeing 2-3x increase in email sales attributed to both conversion and average order value lifts as well as gradual increase in subscriber engagement. As a result, customers see at least 3x ROI when they deploy Jetlore.

Jetlore directly addresses the main pain points associated with ecommerce email merchandising:

  • Merchandise is personalized to each individual user leveraging user’s prior purchases and real-time behavior in the form of product views and email clicks

  • Automated sync-up with your online inventory and incorporation of real-time inventory performance to detect seasonal trends

  • Real-time performance optimization after the campaign goes live to eliminate poorly performing products and prioritize best performers

  • Automated tracking of each product email impression to avoid repetitiveness

  • Deduplication of semantically similar products in the same email

  • Simple integration with your existing email service at the email template level