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Jebbit Interactive Content

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Mobile interactive content that connects you with your customers. With the data you capture, you can personalize each touchpoint with your brand.
Main Features
  • Mobile-first content
  • Unique data capture
  • Support from industry experts
  • Personalized marketing

Consumers check their phones 150 times a day, but it’s never been harder to get their attention. That’s why we built an interactive content platform focused on the consumer. Jebbit interactive content captures and sustains attention on mobile.


Mobile Interactive Content

Our mobile interactive content gives you a chance to have a personalized conversation with each customer, at scale. Think about it this way: If you had two minutes with a customer, what would you want to know about them and what would you want them to know about you? We give you the means to have these conversations - our content is proven to sustain engagement for an average of 90 seconds.


Customer Profiling

As your customers interact, we capture data based on their answers. Our content lets you ask them whatever you want. Need to see who books travel at the last minute? No problem. Want to find out who prefers SUVs? Done. Our platform ties those data points to each individual customer’s email address or social media profile, and our lead capture rates are industry leading. That allows you to personalize their touchpoints with your brand moving forward. As they keep interacting with your branded Jebbit content, their value to you as a customer increases.


Omni-Channel Marketing

Jebbit interactive content requires zero code - no need to loop the tech team in on this! You can deploy it on any channel, including email, social media, sponsored content, and digital media buys.


Full Support

We know every marketer is running low on time. That’s why we have a dedicated team of industry experts to build the content for you and help you at every turn. They’ll not only build your content, but provide reporting and strategy consultation.


Real-Time Analytics

We’ve built an analytics dashboard that lets you look at individual content performance, down to the question level. You can also see aggregate performance over time, and track your engagement and lead capture rates. The Jebbit pixel lets you track conversions of customers who engage with your interactive content, so you’ll always know what’s performing best.