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Janrain User Management Platform

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The Janrain User Management Platform provides social login, social sharing, social profile data storage, and extensions to leverage the social data.
Main Features
  • Social login and sharing
  • User registration and profiles
  • Social profile database
  • Integrated with Marketo Social Marketing

The Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) helps organizations succeed on the social web by providing leading technology to leverage the popularity of social networks and identities for user acquisition, engagement, and enhanced customer intelligence.

Our solutions, including social login, social sharing, social profile data collection and storage, access to the social graph, and digital strategy services, improve the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives for leading brands like Fox, Universal Music Group, Whole Foods, Samsung, Purina, Avis and Dr Pepper. Visit www.janrain.com today.

  • The Janrain User Management Platform enables brands to impact by deeply incorporating social into all key initiatives.
  • User acquisition through registration and campaigns, social sharing and leveraging the social graph. 
  • Build a 360 degree view of your users by combining traditional and social data to power revenue generating programs.
  • Create more valuable partner ecosystems by passing profile data instead of anonymous users between trusted sites.