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By Jahia Solutions Group

Jahia empowers CMOs to drive customer loyalty, lifetime value w/ personalized digital experiences from initial acquisition to ongoing customer success


Jahia Digital Experience Manager is a 7th-generation digital experience platform designed to help CMOs take control of the customer lifecycle to drive competitive advantage through customer experience. Jahia Digital Experience Manager provides CMOs with real-time insights and agility to ensure all digital touchpoints and employee interactions are brand moments that acquire, retain, and monetize customers at higher rates and lower costs than their marketplace competitors.

Maximize Customer Profitability and Revenue

Personalization is more than targeting a single banner image on the home page with an A/B version. And 1:1 personalization is essential for building long-term customer relationships, brand loyalty, and more frequent and higher dollar value repeat purchases. Jahia’s technology powers omni-channel digital experiences that learn as the customer engages, driving 1:1 conversations and experiences at both point of acquisition and across the entire customer journey and lifecycle to increase customer retention, profitability, and lifetime revenue.

Get More Bang for Your Digital Marketing Buck

Jahia turbo-charges CMOs digital campaigns with integrated customer analytics, testing, and optimization to drive continuous, real-time improvements in omni-channel customer experiences to drive higher conversion rates with greater revenue potential through targeted cross-sell and upsell - and all at a lower cost of customer acquisition.

Make Every Employee a Brand Ambassador

Every customer interaction is a brand moment.  The most important customer interactions - and those that ultimate determine affinity to your brand - happen in live conversations with employees.  Jahia provides a platform for transforming not only digital customer experiences, but also all supporting employees experiences so that each employee is engaged and empowered to provide the best level of personalized service and translate 1:1 digital experiences into trusted 1:1 brand relationships.


Jahia DX + Marketo

We decided to bring together the best of both worlds to give marketers a very concise and integrated set of digital business tools.

In today’s business landscape, brands must have agility in innovating the digital customer experience for sustainable competitive advantage through one-to-one customer relationships built on trust and authenticity.

Our integration focuses on the digital worker by making it easier to accomplish marketing automation by:

  1. limiting the amount of systems they need to access.

  2. using interfaces they already know.

  3. syncing critical assets and content between systems.

Some of the features of our integration include the ability to: 

  • Write custom emails directly in Jahia’s Digital Experience Manager (DX) and push them to Marketo in one click and put them to work very quickly.

  • Capture leads and profile specifics with forms that work in two-way communication; information entered in DX can now go through to be stored in Marketo for real-time data intelligence and, likewise, any forms created in Marketo can be inserted into a DX page instantly.

  • Use one interface to input the code for both “Munchkin”, Marketo’s lead tracking code for site visitors, and Real-Time Personalization (RTP), Marketo’s tool to execute personalized content, so they are dynamically injected in all pages of the website.

  • Manage digital assets and other resources through Asset Sync, our tool to push any asset within a DX file manager folder to Marketo to be directly usable for campaigns or RTP.

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