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The Leading Product Review Site for Enterprise Tech Buyers.


IT Central Station is a crowdsourced platform created to connect enterprise professionals with peers for researching and reviewing enterprise technologies.

Tech companies use IT Central Station for awareness, lead gen, content marketing, and social. Active customers include Oracle, HP, New Relic, Dell, Solarwinds, VMware, and many more.


Chief Customer Officer - Oracle

"We're now seeing a shift in the Customer First Revolution for business buyers who prefer B2B channels such as Linkedin and IT Central Station."

Director, Product Marketing - Cisco

"Great ROI. We closed our largest deal of the year as a result of our investment in IT Central Station lead programs."

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1. Buyers read reviews of your product on IT Central Station

2. We capture the info about these buyers as marketing qualified leads (opt-in)

3. We deliver the leads directly into your Marketo system via our integration

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