bodais for Marketo


Predict which leads are most likely to turn hot. Evaluate your leads, lead sources and contents from various dashboards. Optimize scoring rules.


bodais for Marketo is a cloud app that analyzes lead data and activity log on Marketo using our data analytics platform, bodais.

  • Manage Leads With Series of Informative Dashboards

    See the overview of leads and nurturing programs such as percentage of known/anonymous leads, mail delivery rate, open/click rate, # of downloads etc.

  • Predict Which Lead Should Be Prioritized

    Based on the characteristics and activities of your hot leads, the probability of each cold leads turning hot are predicted. You can use this data to evaluate the overall quality of your leads, and make lead nurturing more productive by targeting the most promising ones.

  • Find The Best Lead Source

    By visualizing which lead source (Web, seminar, trade show, existing customer etc.) is yielding the most hot leads, lead generation campaign can target the best lead source.

  • Optimize Content Scoring

    Check which contents are viewed the most by the hot leads, see the list of web pages each leads have visited in your website, and optimize scoring rules for each contents using our scoring recommendation (scoring recommendation feature will be released later this year).

  • See Which Marketo Programs Are Being Effective

    Every scoring rules that actually contributed to lead score change are listed with their frequency and score values. You can gain insight on which programs are being effective in pushing the lead down the funnel.

「bodais for Marketo」は、Marketoに蓄積されたリード情報とアクティビティログのデータを用い、アイズファクトリーが提供するデータ解析プラットフォームbodais上で予測解析を行うサービスです。

  • Marketoに登録されたリード一人一人のホット化確率を予測することで、所有するリード全体の質やリードソース別ホット化確率が解ると共に、優先的にナーチャリングすべきリードが明確になります。
  • ホット化に影響を与える要因や、リードの状況などを用意されたダッシュボードで俯瞰することができます。
  • ホット化に寄与しているコンテンツのランキングからスコアリングを最適化することができます。
  • リードのスコア変動に実際に寄与しているスコアリングルールが可視化され、どのプログラムがスコアリングにどの程度影響しているかがわかり、シナリオの最適化を可能にします。


Please refer to the Integration manual as provided.

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