Our feature-rich call tracking and analytics platform provides real-time visibility into all aspects of phone traffic.


Complement your business with our sophisticated call tracking and analytics solutions

Track, analyse and manage calls in real time

Our feature-rich call tracking and analytics platform provides real-time visibility into all aspects of phone traffic. Accessed via our online portal or integrated seamlessly into your existing systems via an API, our tools will help you to understand the value of every phone call.

Optimise the ROI of your marketing campaigns

Compare the effectiveness of different marketing channels in a similar way to your online analytics, where the call to action is a phone call. By allocating unique, trackable numbers to each media, whether it’s a website, direct mail campaign or television advert, you’ll be able to analyse response rates and adapt your marketing mix to optimise budget spend.

Tap in to new revenue streams

ackage our innovative solutions into new products and services to sell to your customers. From reselling multiple trackable numbers, to offering a new booking channel or charging for the number of leads delivered to a business using our Pay Per Call and Pay Per Lead models.

Attract and retain more customers

Using smart functionality in our platform such as call whispers, unique trackable numbers and reporting on advertising response rates, you’ll be able to build brand recognition and improve customer retention by demonstrating the value you deliver to your customers.


The IOVOX – Marketo integration allows you to quickly create and assign tracking telephone numbers to your Marketo campaigns. IOVOX’s tracking numbers (VoxNumbers) will link the offline leads (i.e. phone calls) that are generated by your outbound marketing activities. 

Our application will retrieve all of our Marketo campaigns and allow for one or more VoxNumbers to be associated with each campaign. In addition to call tracking, there are a number of advanced features that IOVOX can provide; missed call alerts, time based calling rules, call whispers, dynamic IVR, call recording and call routing. 

You will be able to view all of your call details in the VoxAnalytics portal – 

To learn more about the integration please refer to our set-up guide or call us at +1 888 408 4128. 


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