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Create engaging interactive content without developer resources and expand your bandwidth with a full range of support services.


Engage, Convert & Retain Higher Quality Leads 

For marketers looking to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing automation, you need the seamless integration of interactive content. 

From interactive infographics to landing pages, assessments, quizzes and more, ion interactive helps brands leverage existing content—without costly and time-consuming IT and development support— to create enticing and relevant experiences that build revenue and drive results.  

Every buyer touchpoint is an opportunity for insight and understanding with your marking automation, and ion capitalizes on this with seamless integration and design-driven interactive content. 

Engage in a Smart, Data-Driven Digital Dialogue
Each ion touchpoint engages your visitor in a digital dialogue. And, as their profile is developed from interactions with your content, the journey gets smarter and more relevant — accelerating lead-to-revenue velocity. This powerful, data-driven interactivity is supported by ion’s 1,200+ combinations of code-free conditional logic. Smart data means better conversations and more sales.

Improve Your Lead Targeting & Personalization
ion’s platform uses visitor profile data which improves targeting, segmentation, personalization, and scoring programs within Marketo. And with our Get Lead integration enabled, your data easily flows back and forth to help inform dynamic segmentation, personalization, and progressive profiling. 

Visualize Interactions for Sales Efficiency 
ion’s Sell-Side Timeline experience is a great way to see what visitors are interacting with.  Follow-up for sales and marketing is more efficient as they review visitors interactions within the context of the actual experience.Customize Sell-Side pages are a great way to give your team helpful hints and messaging to use when following up with a prospect.

Create Experiences Quickly
Another ion platform exclusive is the Quick Start Gallery, a built-in collection of prefabricated interactive templates that can be branded, customized and launched without development—many in under an hour.Create, Test & Measure Data-Driven Content 

  • Interactive Infographics
  • Interactive White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Self Assessments
  • Report Cards
  • Solution Builders
  • Calculators
  • Configurators
  • Lookbooks
  • Video Boards
  • Resource Libraries
  • Microsites
  • Interactive Landing Pages
  • Quizzes


By combining the ion platform and Marketo, you’ll get more leads to nurture, and better nurture-to-business conversion rates. On average, 73% of ion customers report 100% or greater conversion lift with the integration. And by working directly with ion, you’ll get your integration set up right and fast. 

 So how does it work? 

  • Embed experiences within your Marketo pages, website CMS, or launched as standalone microsites or campaign experiences. 
  • ion passes inferred, behavioral, and collected prospect data to Marketo. 
  • Automation rules in Marketo leverage the high-value data collected from ion to inform segmentation, personalization, scoring, and sales enablement.
  • When the Get Lead integration is setup, data flows back to ion via established link parameters— giving you the foundation you need for dynamic segmentation, personalization, and progressive profiling. 

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