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INXPO helps top brands communicate better with their customers, employees, partners, and prospects. A trusted partner with decades of technology and unmatched customer service experience reaching millions of users globally.

Combine your digital marketing strategy with INXPO’s Webcasting and Online Events platform for maximum value, saving you time and money, so you can focus on your audience and not the technology.

INXPO provides Marketing solutions for Lead Generation, Nurturing, Awareness, User Conferences and More!

A sample of INXPO's customer portfolio includes Autodesk, Cisco, GAP, EMC, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Marketo!


Webcasting (XPOCAST) - Download Product Sheet

XPOCAST provides companies a simple and cost-effective webcasting solution that delivers powerful audio and visual presentations to global audiences. With live, simulive, and on-demand broadcasting options, you have the power to control when and how your content is delivered. 

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An award-winning virtual event platform to extend event reach, monetize content, and create community.



With the Marketo INXPO Adapter, you can seamlessly-connect the two systems together.  As the administrator, you choose what content flows between the two platforms and what does not.  Equally important, you choose when that content first gets pushed as well as scheduling the frequency, fully automating the updating process. 

On an event-by-event basis, depending on your preferences, each INXPO attendee can have their profile, registration details and/or activity pushed to Marketo.

  • Standard profile fields
  • Custom fields
  • Registration fields
  • Event-survey responses
  • Event login information
  • Presentation viewing information
  • Document viewing information

Schedule the content integration as required.  It can be configured for a one-time push, a set of specific pushes, or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  A combination of the methods can also be configured.  

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