B2B Marketing and Sales Integration

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Invenio Solutions integrates lead development, nurturing and conversion with data analysis, business intelligence, marketing automation and telesales.
Main Features
  • Data and business intelligence
  • Marketo consulting
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Sales alignment with Marketo

Invenio Solutions is an end to end full service marketing and sales firm focused on high-quality lead development and revenue growth for B2B companies. Invenio provides clients a complete solution for database management, lead nurturing and management, marketing automation and telesales. We deliver actionable business intelligence (BI) to meet clients’ specific needs and budgets. At Invenio, all leads begin with the data. Our clients’ success is built on a base of high-quality data leveraged to produce high-quality leads that ultimately deliver quality buyers. We work with our clients to fully understand your need and provide options:

  • your data or ours
  • integrate with (your implementation or ours)
  • we can provide trained, dedicated sales reps to convert leads to buyers
  • produce nurture programs to move leads through your sales cycle

At Invenio, we convert data into actionable information to increase sales. We use a unique approach that starts with building the prospect/customer database, applying BI and modeling to determine the right contacts to nurture, uncover profitable opportunities and convert buyers at a higher rate. Our relationship styled approach, comprehensive reporting, actionable insights, and successful track record sets us apart. Revolutionize your revenue potential and contact us today!