InterCall Virtual Events for Marketo

By InterCall

Seamlessly capture attendee data from webcasts and virtual environments into Marketo. Eliminate manual processes and make data actionable instantly.


Maximize utilization of your event data with seamless delivery to your Marketo system.

InterCall’s Marketo integration enables you to seamlessly import program data from our Digital Media Platform to your Marketo system. Start realizing the full potential of your business process automation investment!

Deliver data to Marketo for drip campaigns or to your CRM for sales contact programs—or to both simultaneously—enabling rapid response and eliminating manual data mapping.

Flexible Job Scheduling

Do away with the need to constantly monitor reports, configure tables and upload new contacts. Leverage the flexible job wizard to define the intervals when you want data to be sent into your system. Enable automatic triggers or initiate sales activity. Schedule jobs to run automatically to catch new attendee data after your program has ended, without complex processes.

Complete Data Integrity

Create custom data fields and use our field mapping wizard to ensure your data appears in the right location in your system. If you leverage a separate application for contact management, use one of our multiple registration integrations to bring your contacts into our application directly from your system to ensure the data we collect maps back to the user perfectly.


The Universal Cloud Integrator, or UCI as it is referred, is an integration layer between Marketo and InterCall's Virtual Event Platform.  The UCI application is an ETL (extract-transform-load) engine that allows users to mine information from virtual events that take place on InterCall’s platform to pass to marketing systems to create campaigns and follow-ups with current and prospective clients.

A few key points about what the Universal Cloud Integrator is and how it was designed:

  • Fast Access registration will be used by UCI customers to prevent having visitors enter registration values redundantly
Marketo usage  
  • The Web Service (WS) QnA is to be considered optional - not all customers will want to use it
  • We assume that when using QnA, the related Contact is the "Questioner". This assumption is based on the sample data provided by InterCall
  • A user will be able to configure and start synchronization, even after an event has started

  • A user will not be able to "switch" templates after synchronization has begun

  • InterCall Operations would have to monitor job runs, troubleshoot or repair jobs as necessary

Data Mapping   
  • The user expects that the data types and data rules already applied in Marketo to be leveraged. In this case, the system will be able to "read" the Lead object definitions so that the data mapping template is true to the structure when writing data to EL
  • UCI offers user defined job schedules.  It is important to note that  there is a 1.5 hour time delay between the InterCall transactional database and its DWH, from which the WSs are pulled
InterCall Business Processes   
  • Business rules for renewals, cancelations, suspensions, reinstatements of service will be included in InterCall's product definition. UCI will have to be changed to cover these rules, once they are known
Currently Supported Languages
  • English (Default)
  • Spanish


How UCI Works (High Level)

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