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Create beautiful lead generation quizzes that generate leads.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Increase on-site time
  • Collect leads in Marketo
  • Connect with your audience

Create awesome quizzes to share on Facebook, Twitter and every other social media site. Quizzes can also be embedded into your own website just like a youtube video. 

It takes just a few steps to get started:

  1. Design your quiz. With our editor, you can customize your quiz to look just like your website, complete with custom branding. 
  2. Connect to Marketo: We make it super easy to connect your quiz directly to your Marketo account. Simply sign in with Marketo and the leads generated from your quiz will go directly to your Marketo dashboard.
  3. Embed in your site or on Facebook: Our quizzes work with any blog or website as well as on Facebook in a tab.

Quizzes convert at an average rate of 50%, meaning that half of all people who finish a quiz provide an email address to get updates from you. With the Interact quiz builder we make it strikingly easy to get a quiz set up and on your site without any coding or even any writing.

Marketo Integration

Collect leads using quizzes and send those leads directly to your Marketo account. When a user takes a quiz you created using Interact, they will be prompted to input an email address lead before seeing the results of their quiz. If the user chooses to put in their email address, they will be added to your Marketo list of choice.