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Intelli Messaging  |  Applications
"Intelli Messaging" effortlessly Integrates Enterprise SMS functionality enabling text messaging to be a "friendly" addition to any MARKETO solution.
Main Features
  • Direct Routing to Aus Telcos
  • Send SMS via Marketos platform
  • Reduce Cost and Time to Market
  • Post-paid or Pre-paid Pricing

Who is Intelli Messaging?

A well-established 100% Australian owned and operated company providing enterprise SMS solutions within Australia and New Zealand as well as having Global reach.

We are one of the very few providers that can offer guaranteed Direct Routing with all domestic Tier-1 Telecommunication companies (at extremely competitive pricing) allowing us to provide our customers with great delivery speeds and increased security levels.


Why Intelli Messaging? 

If you are seeking to quickly and easily deliver SMS messaging to your customers within Marketo, Intelli Messaging is now configured to provide you unsurpassed service with our "state-of-the-art" SMS platform making it a very intelligent business decision. 

We're local which ensures that we can respond promptly to your needs during your business hours. When you call Intelli Messaging, you are immediately in contact with a real person (not a machine) and you can expect your query to be dealt with effectively and efficiently. 

As part of our service we offer you our expertise to help you utilise SMS to drive your communication efficiency and to communicate more effectively.

IntelliSMS is a 100% Australian owned and operated company (servers / routers are based in Melbourne), and have Direct Connects with all the Australian Telco's. In simple terms, messages sent through the IntelliSMS gateway do not leave Australian shores.


Intelli Messaging Services 

Intelli's technology is not only built on redundancy but also on scalability. Servers can be added in the different nodes to increase the capacity. The unlikely loss of a server in any node does not affect the messaging service.          

  • Supports Standard and Unicode Characters sets
  • Long messages – greater than 160 characters
  • Easy Integration to Marketo using Web Hooks
  • Web portal to your account so you can manage your messaging activity.
  • Reply messaging functionality to either email of mobile phone as Marketo does not yet support the handling of Inbound SMS messages.
  • Message Applications to meet your SMS sending requirements outside your use of Marketo, include integration API to connect your other business applications.  Email to SMS, Outlook OMS, Bulk Send Apps Web and Desktop... are just but a few of our great apps.

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