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Integrate’s demand orchestration software enables marketers to automate top-of-funnel demand marketing efforts to scale pipeline and revenue.
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Main Features
  • Outbound Demand Generation
  • Lead Validation
  • Data Standardization
  • Direct Data Importation

Demand Orchestration Software

Integrate’s demand orchestration software automates top-of-funnel demand marketing processes, enabling marketers to:

  • Engage potential prospects wherever they go for information, without relying solely on unsolicited inbound inquiries
  • More efficiently manage relationships with lead- and prospect-data sources and channels from contract to ongoing fulfillment
  • Effectively manage, track and optimize top-funnel demand gen campaigns for predictable demand generation outcomes
  • Generate leads at both the contact and account levels using advanced tools and targeting (target account lists, predictive models, segments, activity data, lead scores, etc.)
  • Automate lead data processing, validation and enhancement to ensure quality and marketability
  • Ensure that leads are efficiently processed and integrated into Marketo and CRM
  • Correlate top-funnel activities to mid- and low-funnel conversions to make more informed demand generation investments
  • Work with Marketo, plus other existing systems and data sources to create a more holistic demand marketing engine

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Marketo Integration

Connecting your Marketo and Integrate accounts allows you to rapidly capitalize upon prospect and customer insights to fuel the performance of your marketing programs.

Integrate enables you to have the prospect data from your lead and outbound demand generation campaigns posted in real-time directly into your Marketo account. Marketo Webhooks can then be set up to report KPI dispositions back into your Integrate dashboard in order to generate real-time performance data that can be applied to:

  • Drive predictable, scalable results from outbound demand generation programs
  • Measure ROI from your demand generation and media campaigns
  • Optimize demand programs based on highest converting parameters (audience, media source, creative, landing pages, etc.)
  • Improve lead quality by providing early insight into potential data issues

This closed-loop integration can be completed without involving your internal IT resources.