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Break the cycle of spreadsheets with InsightSquared’s sales intelligence & analytics solution.


With InsightSquared, operations professionals are just a click away from insights they need to help sales leadership forecast more accurately, ensure pipeline goals are met, empower sales management to coach reps more effectively, and provide executives with a historical analysis of sales performance. No CRM exports or spreadsheets required. 

The company provides two complementary solutions: Tiles and Slate. Tiles provides the shortest time-to-value by supplying a comprehensive library of sales reports that pull insights from your historical CRM data — from the day you deployed your CRM. Ops pros can easily access their daily performance reports, leaving them more time to provide strategic counsel to leadership. 

Slate enables business intelligence professionals and data analysts with the ability to quickly generate custom reports that combine and visualize data from multiple applications. Explore company- and program-specific data to uncover the underlying causes of crucial business challenges.


Our Marketo integration allows your team to see email conversion metrics directly in InsightSquared from Marketo, without the need to push that data into Salesforce.

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